We’re About More than Books at the Valentine Public Library

We have thousands of books available at the Valentine Public Library and online through our app. But did you know…..we are more than just books?

We have almost 1200 DVD’s for patrons to check out.

…… over 1000 audio-books.  

…… almost 200 cake pans.

……. a telescope and binoculars.

But if it is books you are looking for, we have over 2400 Large Print books and 1000 westerns in a separate section so they are easy to find for our readers.

We have almost 500 books in our reference and genealogy section and over 200 books in our Mari Sandoz Collection. Just note that reference titles and Mari Sandoz titles are not available for check out but we encourage you to use these resources while you are studying or researching during your visit.

Do you love new releases?

New fiction and new non-fiction titles are in a separate kiosk near the front desk so finding them is easy for our readers. We keep newer books in this separate section for at least the first 6 months.

Plus, we put a small sticker on the front cover with a month of release on all new fiction, non-fiction, young adults, large print and audio-books so you are able to see just how new of a release it is. Our system will alert us if you have checked a title out previously so you don’t accidentally check out a book you have already read.

Do you love to read books in a series?

Who doesn’t love a great book series with really great characters and intriguing story lines. We do! But series are hard to keep track of sometimes. We have made it easy for you. Most books are listed in our catalog with their series name. Plus while you are looking on the shelf, we make it easy for you to see which books are part of the series and what order they should be read by numbering them with the same color of sticker on their spine. Ask a librarian to show you how it works the next time you are in.