Core Values

Valentine Public Library Core Values – The overall goal is to provide the best possible service. Excellent library service results when services match community needs, interests, and priorities.  We hold the following as our values and respond accordingly:

A.  The patron is the highest priority and always receives personal service.  We are customer focused. Patrons of all ages will have assistance as needed for access to services and material to explore topics of personal interest and to continue to learn throughout their lives.  The library strives for excellent customer service.

B.  We foster a climate of respect and trust. Mutual respect and trust are honored both internally and externally.  Customers and staff are valued, supported and respected.

C.  We form strong partnerships. The library’s resources, involvement, and leadership in the community are extended through partnerships with community members, other City, and County departments, businesses, institutions, and local organizations.
D.  We value the Library Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, the Library Foundation, and other volunteers who dedicate their time, energy, and experience to help improve library services and connect us with the community.

A.  We will be responsive to the changing needs of our patrons, as we develop services, and programs, to maintain relevance in the Valentine community.

B.  We will be aware of new materials, changing formats and technologies as they emerge.

C. We will be aware of the changing and challenging world around us and how this shapes delivery of all library services.


A.  We will provide careful and efficient use of resources and public funds while providing a well-rounded collection to meet the needs of all.

B.  We are accountable. The Valentine Public Library is accountable to the community for the services provided.  The library strives to serve the community as a center for reliable information.

C. The library will offer free access and services. All residents of Valentine and Cherry County have a right to free, equitable, and convenient access to library resources.

D.  We support intellectual freedom. The library supports freedom of speech and the right of residents to receive uncensored information.  The library is a forum for information and ideas in the community.  It creates and makes available information, materials, and programs that are convenient and pertinent.

E. We provide a foundation for lifelong learning. The library is an essential source of knowledge for the community, providing educational resources of all ages and pursuits.  It serves the community as a center for reliable information.  The library supports early reading readiness and lifelong learning.

F.  Information and literacy. The Valentine Public Library Board and staff commit to the premise of the importance of an informed and literate community.