Frequently Asked Questions

Does the library have a copier available? Can I print, scan or fax at the library?

Yes, you can have copies made, send or receive a fax, or print to one of our public printers for a small fee. We also have a scanner available for public to use at no charge.

  • Copies-black & white copies are $.25 per page
  • Send a Fax-$2.00 1st Page and $.25 for each additional page
  • Receive a Fax-$.25 per page. Fax number is 402-376-3160.
  • Printing Black and White-$.10 each page
  • Printing Color-$.50 each page
When is the Valentine Public Library open?

Our hours are: MONDAY – FRIDAY…………….9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. 

How do I get a library card?

There is no charge for a Library Card if you live in Cherry County. To qualify we need proof of residency before these can be issued. All proof of address forms must contain your name and local address. For more info see this link: http://how-do-i-get-a-library-card

How to use your library account?

Your library account can help you utilize the library more effectively. You can renew books online, check your history, reserve books and see if you have previously checked an item out. For details on how to use your account please follow this link

How many items and for how long?

New cards are on probationary status and have a limit of 5 items at one time for the first 6 months. Then your limit will go to 10 items. 2 DVDs is the limit on all cards.

  • Audiobooks                 3 weeks
  • Books                              3 weeks
  • Magazines                    1 week
  • DVDs                               1 week
  • Cake pans                     1 week
Can I pay a fine with a debit or credit card?

No. The Library does not accept debit or credit cards.

Does the Library Charge Fines?

Yes. Fines are accrued each day an item is late or overdue. Fines are $1.00/day for DVDs and $.25/day for all other items. If an items is damaged or lost, the patron who has it checked out is responsible for the cost of replacing that item.

What if I damage or lose an item? Do I have to pay for it?

What if my dog chews the corners of a book? What do I do if someone steals a DVD from my car?  If for any reason an item is returned damaged or is lost you are responsible for the cost of replacing the item you had checked out. Do not buy a replacement yourself. The staff at the Valentine Public Library prefers to have the option of using your replacement fee to buy a newer item from an approved source. Please remember only cash or checks are accepted for payment.

Are there computers and/or other devices available for use at the library?

Five computers are available for public use for typing a letter, creating a resume, checking email, etc. Four laptop computers are reserved for testing proctoring and other uses. We also have a scanner available for the public to use at no charge. Please see more at this link: http://did-you-know. Please ask a librarian for assistance. For more information about our computers and programs please see this link: http://new-happenings-vpl or review the PDF of our Computer Policy

Does the library have Internet Access?

Internet access is available on the Library’s computers and can be accessed by patrons on their own devices.

When does the Bookmobile go out?

For the current schedule please click this link:

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