Make a Lasting Difference in Our Community

The mission of the Valentine Public Library is to meet the evolving educational, cultural, informational and recreational needs of the public by providing modern library resources and services.

Philanthropy makes it possible for the Valentine Public Library to deliver the best programs and services possible.  Through your donations, volunteering, and advocacy you can help the Valentine Public Library meet its mission.  With your help, we can champion the joys of reading and make the library a vital community entity.

You may make a one-time or annual tax-deductible donation to support the library at any time by making a check payable to the Valentine Public Library Foundation or the Friends of the Valentine Public Library. Both  are 501c3 tax exempt entities that support the library. If you would like to discuss giving options please contact the library at 402-376-3160.  Library personnel will be will be glad to direct you to someone who can assist you.  The library welcomes gifts of any amount.

Tributes and Memorials

Honoring the memory of a departed loved one is a deeply meaningful gesture that allows their legacy to live on in ways that positively impact our community. A monetary donation to the Library Foundation in remembrance of those you’ve lost not only preserves their spirit but also contributes to the enrichment of countless lives through the power of knowledge and learning. By supporting the library, you are creating a lasting tribute that fosters education, inspiration, and discovery for generations to come. Your contribution will help provide access to books, resources, and programs that empower minds and brings our community together.

When you make a donation to the Library Foundation, you will receive a receipt for your contribution. In addition, a card acknowledging your gift will be sent to the family of your loved one on your behalf. If you wish, the donation amounts can be kept confidential.

Join us in commemorating cherished individuals by making donations that ensure your loved one’s influence continues to touch lives and shape a brighter future for us all.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is simply the process of making a charitable donation in a manner that can financially benefit both the donor and the institution receiving your gift. Giving options include outright gifts, bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and matching gift programs.

Planned giving demonstrates a fundamental dedication to the long-term intellectual and cultural vigor of the Valentine community. The reason for making a gift to the Valentine Public Library Foundation may be different for each donor- to honor a loved one, to support a tradition of excellence, or to express gratitude. Whatever your motivation, a planned gift can give you the assurance that you are being a good steward of your assets by increasing the benefits for yourself, your family members, and the library.

In order to ensure your intentions are properly handled, you should strive to be as specific as possible in your will. We encourage you to visit with your personal financial advisor or your attorney to decide what assets to donate, when to make the donation, and where the assets should be transferred.

Donations of Materials

What does the library accept? The Library will accept donations of books, DVDs, and puzzles if they are in good condition and are an appropriate fit with our collections. We depend on donations of used materials to provide some of the materials for our collection and items for our used book sales. The library does not automatically add donated items to the collection and does not accept outdated textbooks or encyclopedia sets.

What happens to my donated materials? Once an item has been donated, it becomes property of Valentine Public Library and will not be returned to the donor. Valentine Public Library reserves the right to use any donated materials as the library sees fit, whether it be added to our collection, donated to others, turned into a craft, or discarded and recycled. Valentine Public Library does not appraise or assign value to donated materials or provide inventories of items donated.

Where can I bring my donation? Material donations should be placed in a box or bag and delivered to the library during open hours. This keeps your donations in the best possible condition. If you have just a box or two, bringing them to the front door is fine. If you have more, call us in advance for instructions. Please do not leave donations outside the library when the library is closed.