Mission Statement

The mission of the Valentine Public Library is to connect our patrons with information and with each other.  We promote literacy, preserve our history, and provide services, collections and technological opportunities for all ages.


We asked you – we hear you – we listen to you

The library is a big part of your life. You indicated it was one of the primary perceived strengths of the community. We strive to be a vital element of your life.  We are connected to you through Facebook and Instagram. You visit us in person and through our website.

You rely on us

You depend on us for reliable information.  You ask us. We guide you in the right direction and we do it fast.  We work hard to accommodate you. We respond when you have needs and questions.  We know what you like to read and provide you reading material that suits your tastes.

You are proud of us

We hear from you every day that you love your library.  You bring your friends here.  You are comfortable here. You enjoy us and enjoy spending time with us.  You support us with your tax dollars and your donations.  You support our Friends group and our Foundation because you know they help make us better.

You cannot read enough for us

You are reading more, checking out more, and learning about and loving the newer digital technologies. We help you along your reading journey.  You just cannot read enough for us.

We are grateful for you

We pay attention as you learn new technologies and we stay on the cutting edge for you. We see you having fun at our programs, connecting with your friends, and enjoying a good book.  You believe the Valentine Public Library is an asset to the community and makes Valentine a better place to live.

Our commitment to you

We will always strive to enhance the lives of those we serve through the best services we can offer, providing them when you need them and in a fast and timely fashion.


A responsibility to offer Library service to everyone;
The City of Valentine’s commitment to a public library;
The commitment of Cherry County to a public library that will serve the citizenry outside the city limits.
A responsiveness to and an awareness for the community;
Cooperative efforts with other city departments and other agencies;
Commitment to intellectual freedom for all.