Winners of the 2022 I Love My Library bookmark Contest

Bookmarks of each 1st place winner are available at the Valentine Public Library. Entries were accepted through the month of February and recently judged. Thank you to all the participants and our panel of judges. Just remember to park in back due to the construction on Main St.

Ages 5 & Under: 1st-Grace Luthy; 2nd-Josie Pinckney. There were 8 entries.

Ages 6-8: 1st-Lauralee Krueger; 2nd-Alyssa Colburn. There were 21 entries.

Ages 9-12: 1st-Ivy Jackson; 2nd-Ezra Storer. There were 9 entries.

Ages 13-17: 1st-Marybelle Ward; 2nd-Lillica Jackson. There were 2 entries.

Adult: 1st-Kaye Cozad; 2nd-Kate Fullerton. There were 2 entries

1st Place-Grace Luthy
2nd Place-Josie Pinckney

1st Place-Lauralee Krueger
2nd Place-Alyssa Colburn

1st Place-Ivy Jackson
2nd Place-Ezra Storer

1st Place-Marybelle Ward
2nd Place-Lillica Jackson

1st Place-Kaye Cozad
2nd Place-Kate Fullerton