2021 is the “Year of the Library”!! Happy 100 Years to us!

Valentine Public Library is 100 years old! A proclamation approved by Board of Trustees of the Valentine Public Library, the Valentine City Council and the Cherry County Commissioners declares 2021 as the “Year of the Library”. Thank you to the Valentine City Council, the Cherry County Commissioners, the Valentine Public Library Board of Trustees, Staff, and Volunteers for the many years of dedication and support for the library.

Watch for fun history facts about the history of the library over the last 100 years.. #readonvpl #VPLis100 #1921to2021 #100years #100yearsold

1 thought on “2021 is the “Year of the Library”!! Happy 100 Years to us!”

  • Congrats on 100 years…quite an accomplishment. We will be celebrating in a few years also so we might steal some of your ideas. Have a great year!

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