NEW 1000B4K READER! Congratulations to Adalyne Valen!!!!! She was able to get a few books and checked them out on her very own card. Plus she got to use her new book bag today. She is the daughter of Kim and Kara Valen and is our most recent bookworm to complete the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge. WAY TO GO!!! 

Can you believe it? She is number 98!!! That makes 98,000 books that have made an impact on children’s lives and hope this has instilled a love of reading and learning. We are so grateful for families who make reading a priority for their children. We congratulate this family for reaching this milestone. We are grateful for parents and caregivers who take this time and are so proud!

We continue to say, the commitment made by the parents to these little ones, establishes a reading pattern that will last a lifetime. We are so thrilled to have families who make this a priority and encourage their children to enjoy books and reading. Please join us in welcoming Adalyne to the Valentine Public Library family!

Stop by the library to learn more about the 1000B4 challenge for your child and how to get started.

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