NEW 1000B4K READER! Congratulations to Jack Monroe!!!!!! He brought in the rest of his completed reading sheets and was so happy to be able to come to the library and show off his big accomplishment. He was very excited to browse and check out books to take home. He is our most recent bookworm to complete the1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge. He filled his new book bag with his first checkouts to celebrate this special event.
We are so grateful for families who make reading a priority for their children. Jack is the son of Tom and Deanne Monroe and we congratulation them on helping Jack reach this milestone. We are grateful for parents who take this time and are so proud of Jack! Can you believe it? He is our 90th child to complete this challenge. To date, that makes 90,000 books that have made an impact on children’s lives and their love of reading and learning.
We continue to say, the commitment made by the parents to these little ones, establishes a reading pattern that will last a lifetime. We are so thrilled to have families who make this a priority and encourage their children to enjoy books and reading. Please join us in welcoming Jack to the Valentine Public Library family!

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