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“Vicious Circle” by C. J. Box



As usual C. J. Box brings his characters to life and shows his readers the beautiful mountains that Joe and his family call home. Readers of Box have watched the daughters of game warden Joe Pickett grow up and this book will have you will be on the edge of your chair as the latest tale threatens what he loves most.   Joe Pickett continues on the straight and narrow path of a determined game warden. This is tempered by the loving relationship he has with his wife and family.  As usual there is a comedic element with the loss of government property that follows Joe around. Luckily Daisy remains his loyal canine.




“Wait for Dark” by Kay Hooper

In Wait for Dark, the plot is interesting, with just the right mix of psychic and non-psychic phenomenon. The secondary characters are well  fleshed out and enjoyable.  Wait for Dark features Hollis, one of the most powerful and well developed SCU characters.  For long-time readers Kay Hooper, you will be pleased by the references to other SCU characters and the presence of Bishop and Miranda. First time readers should still give this book a chance, though, as the story is comfortably contained and Wait for Dark can be read as a completely standalone novel. It might even peak your interest enough to take a look at the entire series, and we would recommend the series with no hesitation.

“We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter

Immaculately crafted story based on true events. A wonderful portrayal of a family persecuted and dispersed during World War II but ultimately reunited through courage, perseverance, and some luck. The characters are inspiring in their struggles yet very relatable in their personalities and emotions. The writing is equally inspiring. This fast paced novel weaves together charismatic and appealing main characters into an epic saga of survival stories that covers almost all corners of the globe.




“Lucky Boy” by Shanthi Sekaran

“Lucky Boy” is a beautifully written novel which could be a true story. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate who recommends to the court the best home for a juvenile, this book brings the attention to the fact that many times an illegal immigrant has no control over the fate of their child through no fault of their own. Which is better for a child – to be raised in a home where a mother can barely provide for her child or in a two parent, loving, financially solvent environment, that offers every opportunity to a child?  The novel causes the reader to empathize with two mothers: one a birth mother, the other an adoptive mother. A beautiful little boy loves them both. The question is to whom will he ultimately belong. What is fair? What is in his best interests? Through her skillful presentation, the author causes the reader to see the dilemma from both sides.  Highly recommend as a solid piece of interpretive literature.


“The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir” by Jennifer Ryan

This delightful novel captures the imagination immediately, pulling the reader into the story as surely as if they were one of the well-drawn characters. It’s a rare, impossible-to-put down slice of life that captures the fears and occasional horrors of the home front during WWII. At the same time, it illustrates how hope and courage grew in the hearts of the women young and old, who did far more, physically and psychologically, than merely keeping the home fires burning.  This story is told through letters and journals of about a half-dozen individuals of various ages from young girls to older women. The author did such a good job of capturing the voices of the various ages. The author acknowledges actual diaries and journals that were kept during the war as her inspiration for the novel. She certainly did her homework on this one as she struck all the right notes.





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